• Ebène, Plaines Wilhems, Mauritius
  • Education / Training
  • Sector: Tertiary Education
  • Published Date: 2022-01-11
  • Closing Date: 2022-02-11

The positions of Director and Vice-Chancellor is held by one person, who will occupy one of the leading roles in the management of a globally-renowned tertiary institution in Mauritius. In alignment with the university’s overall policies and procedures, the Director and Vice-Chancellor will also take charge of the control, allocation and accounting of financial, human, physical and other resources. This includes the preparation of all forward-looking plans and budgets of the institution, along with participation in the overall strategic development of the university.


• Play a significant role in developing and delivering the University’s strategy.

• Lead the University in assigned areas of responsibility, including taking a visible corporate leadership role on issues assigned by the Chancellor.

• Promote the University in teaching, research, innovation and engagement. And protect the values and interests of the University internally and externally.

• Be actively involved in the recruiting and appointing of high calibre staff.

• Encourage staff development to meet the overall needs of the University.

• Take responsibility for chairing University committees and, as necessary, participating in ceremonial University activities including graduation ceremonies.

• Encourage and reward research, academic excellence and collegial participation.

• Assist the Chancellor to achieve the goas of the university as defined in its Strategic Plan. Contributing to University planning and to the formulation of policies and procedures.

• Respond to issues likely to impinge on the University’s reputation and activities, to manage and minimise risks to the University.

• Contribute to the development and testing of University risk and crisis management plans.

• Promote the well-being of staff and students, fostering a culture of respect throughout operations. Lead, support and be aware of different student needs, irrespective of their location or mode of study.

• Promote the University as a place of international repute to study, research, and work. Encourage international collaboration and exchange.

• Build effective and productive relationship with key influencers in government, business and professional bodies.

• Actively promote cross-institutional structures and systems (whether related to research, academic programmes, portfolio matters, or administration).

• Represent the University as required at local, national and international levels. Undertake other such duties as required by the Chancellor.


• Significant academic track record, including a doctoral degree in a field relevant to the role context, with distinction in research and teaching.

• Ability to think strategically, to help develop a vision for the future of the University in and beyond the context of the current strategy.

• Financial management and significant budgetary planning. Initiative, judgement, decision-making and change management.

• Track record of facilitating the highest quality research, learning and teaching, administrative and service outcomes through the active recruitment, development and management of people and financial resources.

• Track record of successful cooperation and cooperative working relationships, internal and external, to develop and deliver the University’s way forward, while successfully building close relationships and partnerships with key influencers in governmental and other agencies relevant to the University and its external stakeholders.


Significant Board level leadership experience, relevant to the role context.


• Ability to understand developments in the Higher Education arena, nationally and internationally.

• Ability to treat staff and students with respect. Maintain good working relationships with colleagues, students and external groups. Understanding and applying the principles of consultation, collegiality and maintaining the University as the critic and conscience of society.

• Ability to inspire and motivate. Proven capabilities as team leader.

• High regard for research, scholarship, teaching and learning.

• Good negotiating skills, flexibility and open-mindedness.

• Willingness to travel nationally and internationally.