HR Café

What is HR Café?

A first-of-its-kind and forward-thinking event in Mauritius, HR Café is the premier networking meet-up for those business owners managing their organisation. We meet up to share ideas, best practices, benchmarks and discuss HR issues, the challenges in applying employer-employee relationship development strategies, all within an informal and relaxed setting, over a nice cup of coffee or tea.

Our aim is to create a networking group/event to allow business owners to expand their HR support network in the SME sector. Bringing together entrepreneurs with similar concerns, the HR Café is the perfect opportunity to obtain advice/solutions to issues you might be encountering within your business and to improve your strategies. Such an event will also allow you to stay updated with developments within the HR field.

Why is there the need for such an event in Mauritius?

Human capital is the most important aspect of a company’s assets. As a leading HRM company, we have observed that many business owners lack support when it comes to managing their staff, knowledge of labor laws, as well as other issues surrounding HR. At Talent Lab, we don’t just talk HR, we do HR. This monthly networking event will tackle wide ranging topics related to HR management.

If you would like to be part of this exciting new venture, please get in touch!